Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gingerbread Girl in 48 Words

Gingerbread Girl
by Daniel Tarker
directed by Jaime Roberts
performed Rhonda J. Soikowski, Michael Patten, Christine White, and Harry Todd Jamieson

Sex and sibling rivalry in an Italian family bakery. The best bit is a tech effect: fantasy gingerbread girl (an unusually high-voiced Soikowski) levitating out of dough bucket via ACT’s under-stage traps. Jealous sister destroys brother’s gingerbread girl by ravaging her into crumbs. Thin concept, but effervescent performances.


Anonymous said...

FYI- there were no traps involved in that show! That was special piece designed and built by the 14/48 design team in 5 hours.

Ron Darling said...

Give the girl some credit! She bear-walked out there inside that table/workbench and climbed/contorted her way out through an open bottomed laundry tub. The design team did a great job making a solid thing that a solid actor could work with.