Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Morning

Alrighty all, the talent is convened and poised for the marathon. Actors, directors and designers gather around tables in the Bullitt where they pore over scripts, get caffeinated, chat, panic, and plan. Playwrights are conspicuously absent, shaking off the writing bender they just underwent, nursing the comedown. We're awaiting the actor draw now, so stay tuned for that. Won't be but a few moments.

In the mean time, your directors have drawn scripts! In order of performance, we have:

1. How Barbara Bush Rescues America, by Josef Krebs, directed by Mazen recipient Jose Amador.

2. The Feast, by Louis Broome, directed by Nik Perleros.

3. Whirlpool Bath, by Sean Nelson, directed by Wayne Rawley

4. There Are Three Ravens, by Pattie Miles Van Beuzekom, directed by Stan Shields

5. Hold, by Nick Stokes, directed by Erik Van Beuzekom

6. The Fourth Wall Kid, by Emily Conbere, directed by Jennifer Jasper

7. There Are at Least Two Lukes at Ballard High School, by Susan Stahl, directed by Paul Budraitis

There you have it. We participants are hearing the morning rundown now. Stick around for a day of info and ruminations courtesy of your humble team of bloggers.

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