Saturday, January 7, 2012

Deathly Quiet

Play #7, "Shhhhh!!!!!" (written by Celene Ramadan, directed by Tim Moore). I walk into the room to complete silence and sit down hearing only the random smattering of giggles from the cast as they individually read through the script. Tim Moore is no where to be found.

Finally I hear, "That could be my favorite line of the entire 14/48 festival" and general murmurs of agreement as Tim wanders into the room.

Celene starts clarifying a few things. Apparently lines are less important than the general feeling... hmmm...

Some incorporation of "Single Ladies" and "Like a Virgin"

Katie Driscoll, "I like it all. But I didn't read it, so..."

Matt Middleton, "Damn penis!"

Oh, theatre inside jokes...

Lines: "For the last time I don't want a shake weight!" & "She's such a cunt-wagon"

Reference to muppet fucking?

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