Friday, January 6, 2012

Breakfast & Actor Draw

The room is a-buzz with expectant energy. It's Friday morning, everyone -- save the playwrights -- is coming in from a night's rest, so the sense of possibility is rampant.

Directors are conferring with their playwrights (Celene Ramadan is teamed up with Jamie Roberts; this can only be good) and actors mutter about nights spent either tossing and turning, or conked out.

Mazen Award winner Kaleb Kerr lioks in fine fettle.

Amy Poissant is teh first director up for the draw, she gets to Mr. Selleck and Ms. Fawcett and jumps like a little kid waiting for Christmas. "I'M SO EXCITED!!!" She exhales and then picks her cast.

In "of course he did" news: Lyam White is cast with three women. In further obvious news, one of those women is his wife.

A full cast list will be up as soon as it's released.

Some final words of encouragement from our artists liaison, and we're off!

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