Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Band's Tech is Longer Than Your Tech

Sometimes band liaising means band beer-pitcher-filling. It's cool. I am a virgin volunteer, so it seems only fair.

And the band techs for a gazillion hours. That pitcher doesn't fill itself. Each of the seven shows gets a half-hour tech, with the band serving as the glue for all of that on-stage genius.

Tech is busy for the band - a steady stream of in-show cues into outros into intros into who knows. Seriously, these guys and gals are on their toes for all of tech, looking for that sweet spot where directors faces' lights up and actors match blocking to sound cues they've never heard before.

Fortunately, this band is chock full of pros, as evinced by this interchange between two band members:

"Did you say porn is in A-minor?"

"Always - porn is always in A-minor."

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