Saturday, January 7, 2012

Angelic Threeway

Play #4 "Faithful Voice" (written by Eric Lane Barnes, directed by Rob Bergquist).

I walk in as Rob explains, "And now we're washing hands so we can suck on fingers" followed quickly by, "Are you OK with syrup, Kaleb?"

And oh is there finger sucking...

Rob, "And I want pancakes, too."

In the first throes of staging, "I think lick the tip. Lick the tip a couple of times."

This is blogging gold, "Can you slide it out? But don't make that pop sound because that's too dirty."

"That grunt is great."

Alex Samuels, "It's lips, yes?"

Lines: "I'm an adventurer?"

Rob, "That will allow you to kinda stand up when the porn music starts."

Rob, "I think it's important at this point that you grab his finger and put it in your mouth."

Three-part harmony, people. Three-part harmony!

Rob, "I think that first part is 'this hurts me more than this hurts you' and when they're gone it's like, back to normal."

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