Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ah 14/48, Home Sweet Home

It's the timeworn pattern: 10 minutes behind, people wandering in and massive amounts of mingling. Virgins vent their nerves, veterans eye the beer, and the buzz begins to generate.

And, of course, the keg is tapped when we get here.

Looking around the room, there's one other home truth that quickly becomes evident: This is a good looking bunch of men and women. Homina. Here's hoping the writers exploit this repeatedly over the weekend.

Joining me in the blogging endeavor this weekend is Gina Marie Russell and Erik Van Beuzekom. Our photographers are Ian Johnston and Omar Willey. A crackerjack team if there ever was one.

We're so far behind now, our eminent stage manager Miranda and Steering Committee member Alex Samuels are talking about holding the curtain for tomorrow' 8pm show to compensate for it.

All right, Shawn Belyea is calling the meeting to order, and the powerpoint is warmed up...Off we go.

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