Thursday, January 5, 2012

14/48 love

Writers are drawing the plays. Kaleb is basking in his awesomeness. Laughing and ease is more prominant then an hour ago.

Writers have their assignments. People are happy, Round of applause for the writers...

What will tomorrow bring? That is the thought for the evening. Actors are congregating, Directors are meeting, Just got a hug from Shawn Marie Stanton. Just shared a shot with Kaleb and Jose. I directed Kaleb about 3 or 4 years ago in one of his more memorable roles as a golf club swinging version of God. So nice for him to join the celebrated Mazen circle.

Now the campfire is blazing and we are warming ourselves before we ride the wave a new 14/48 weekend.

Megan and Shawn are talking to the actors. Andy Jensen is talking to the directors. The band which I hear has 9 members this weekend.......

Ah this is what Seattle Theatre is. This is what makes creativity great. All of us heading into the unknown........until tomorrow.

"We're all here together to make each other look great!" -Megan A.

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