Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Way it Was TECH

Megan in bed, and a sharp beeping comes up out of the transition. It's a heart monitor and direction is given to up the frequency. Like your pulse. Don't use my pulse, you'll get a humming bird (he demonstrates). No, she's not that stressed, actually, she's in a coma and Joe has to sing Staying Alive.
BWright wants to move the bed more center and 3 people jump in to move it with Megan still in it. Nope, better if she gets out first.
While actors run the scene, Adam starts sending crew in various directions and Lights plays with preshow along with 1st sound cue from top of the show. People are walking back in forth between director and actors, lights go up/down, and director and actors seem oblivious. The band is really enjoying the moment to be still and just watch as this play gets a full run through.

I hear screaming in the hall outside. Jose must have just walked through ;^)

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