Friday, January 7, 2011

Tech Show #6 Planning For Disaster

The female vocalists run through the chorus to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, then breaks into a rendition of Steve Miller's Jungle Love, which also proves that even songs that you think are universal ear worms are not.

14/48 moppet Harvey has walked in with his mum to see the band in action.

This is another intricate little piece, and K Brian Neel is ensuring that each individual beat is crisp and clear before moving on. The cast is comprised of several pros (Megan Ahiers, James Weidman, and Andrew Litsky) and they are relaxed and composed as the tech issues are gone through.

By this time tomorrow, this room will be filled with punchy energy, but for the moment everyone is focused on the task at hand, looking forward to having this done.

They all move on to the next moment.

Five minutes left.

Just as they decide to move on to the last moment of this piece, Neel is reminded that there is an element he hasn't tended to yet; "Oh fuck!!--Pardon my terminology, folks--Mercy Me! Yes, let's test that!"

It works successfully, and Frounfelter decides to work the final moment and go directly into the tech time for show #7. "Band are you ready? Lights, you ready? Actors? Okay, we're almost at time, we're going into the scene chance into show #7. Miranda, you ready? Okay, here we go..."

And they do it, exactly as intended.

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