Friday, January 7, 2011

Tech Show #5 No Surprises!

The traditional time for a group break is sacrificed for greater timeliness as the afternoon wears on.

The band rehearses a more "rocking" version of Handel's Messiah, if such a thing is possible. Show #5 takes the stage. David Anthony Lewis runs through a cover of Love Boat.

Time is really running low, so Frounfelter warns his staff that the yelling will probably commence shortly.

I sincerely hope the line "WOBBITY WOBBITY WOBBITY" remains in the scene; talk about the perfect capper for that moment. Also, is there anything Chuck Leggett can't sell? No. No there isn't.

This is one of the evening's simpler pieces, so Nicole Cochran feels comfortable with moving on, after having established the final cues for the piece. This buys back a fair amount of time for Frounfelter, who is looking relieved. Two shows left, and then dinner break.


Maria Glanz said...

Oh my, I'm waiting to hear my play's tech report. Nervously. Jose, you're brilliant. I'm waiting, then I'll get cleaned up and head down for tonight. I hope I'm happy on the way. Now I'm nervous again.

the beige one said...

You're in really good hands here, Maria. You're fine. Clean yourself up in peace.

Maria Glanz said...

Yeah, most excellent hands. I am blessed. Still wanna hear about the tech. But maybe I'll shower now. That would make everyone happy, I'm sure.