Friday, January 7, 2011

Tech Show #4 It Is Written

While waiting for their time on stage (the crew is running through a particularly large scene change), Veteran Aimée Bruneau leans over and asks Virgin Daniel Christensen how he's feeling about 14/48 right now. "I'm fucking loving every second of it."

Good to hear such enthusiasm.

As expected, things are running a little behind.

The transition once again runs rather smoothly and Ms. Bruneau enters and takes her spot. After establishing a number of cues, she begins speaking in a much lower register than she naturally possesses. Rob Burgess enters looking like the protagonist from Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. The band mutters through Billy Joel's Big Shot.

This tech rehearsal is marked with lots of moments of inactivity as three or four cues are discussed at one moment in order to have them run in order with all elements in place in one fell swoop. It's remarkably effective.

Again, the band's general versatility is displayed, and the actors are pairing up to work out bits of business during the down time.

Kate Jaeger yells "Crucify him!" several times, and then they all move on to the next cue.

As time winds down, the band rehearses the famous snippet from Handel's Messiah, Chritensen describes a redundant moment from the last moments of the piece, and the piece ends on a fairly strange tableu.

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Paul Mullin said...

Dang. They're doing "Big Shot"?! Now I double-dare wish I was there.