Friday, January 7, 2011

Tech Show #2 Family Planning

Switching into the second show's 20 minutes, the band breaks out the nose flute, the accordion, kazoo and the various other instruments that will be used in this piece. A last bit of focus as they all work the transition from the end of show #1 to show #2.

People are meowing, and Teri Lazzara is nowhere in sight.

There is a fourth member of the run crew I have yet to identify on the blog, that will be updated as we go along.

The twenty minutes have begun.

Light levels are set, while Heather Gautschi insists that she will not be joining the circus when she grows up. Amanda Lee Williams is wearing the most delicious hat in the world. Jason Sharp wears a clown wig.

This is an intricate tech piece, and the time is spent stopping and starting, making sure everyone is on the same page with each cue. A cannon is brought on stage, Gautschi is "shot" out of it, trippy space music plays, Gautschi: "woow! Space! Awesoooome!" Music stops.

Five minutes left.

Skipping to the next cue, the exact starting point is discussed and established, and it's rehearsed as the time crunch starts to be felt. The run crew checks in with Frounfelter, making sure they have their assignments correct.

Two minutes.

There's just enough time to have the cast mark through the final moments of the show, and tiiime ruuuuns out.

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