Saturday, January 8, 2011

Parking and Tickets and Shows, Oh My

When looking for parking this evening, and you find yourself parking at the convention center, make sure that you don't receive a light blue parking stub. These stubs denote a parking area that will close when the lot is unattended, which will leave you stranded. There are plenty of other lots in the area, but again: Light Blue Parking Stub = Bad

Also, ACT is down to 10 Standing Room Only tickets available for the 8:00p show, which can only be purchased in person at the Box Office. If you have one of these tickets, and yet aren't able to get in, don't worry, you will be able to transfer that to the 10:30p show. If you have one of these tickets, please still be on time, unclaimed spots are released at the time of curtain.

Otherwise, tickets for the 8:00p show are not being sold through the ACT website. Unclaimed festival passes and other comp tickets are released at 7:45p, so if you come down and put your name on the list, you do stand a good chance of getting in to see the 8:00p.

There are still seats available at 10:30p, which is not only the same show, it is also the last of the exhausting weekend. It's your best chance of seeing a group of performers just let it all hang out.

The late shows remain the best kept secret of the festival.

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