Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Olive Bed TECH

This is the one rehearsal I didn't catch, so come along with me and we'll discover it together... Ah... Odysseus is back.
Marcy and Kat run their bit of the play while Jennifer discusses music stuff with the band (shit, what's that song they're playing? I know it, can't name it...ugh). The song/music discussion is pretty intense, but not sure what about. But, they're done with it now. Sort of. Nope, more discussion. Ready for the top...nope, nope , more discussion.
Nice! 1448 Saturday theme song, to "battle FX" which makes the cast laugh, and Jennifer to ask for more death choking. They roll with that direction which gets all of the band laughing. The keyboardists basso is so perfect!

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