Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cover Me TECH

Adam yells at everyone to stop so he can yell for Ben, who was just around the corner.
The band plays Jackson's ABC again as transition and everyone starts rockin out and then Adam yells again, that authoritive but I love you guys kind of Tech Guy yell. Jose said there'd be times like this starting sometime about now on the Saturday of 14/48 and I'm glad he was here to witness it. I told him its been pretty much Keep Calm Carry On before this. Marcy walks up and states, "You are dead to me Jose Amador," and they bounce some (lines from a show?) back-n-forth and laugh and she walks off.
"That's another indicator. It's starting to happen. Mark my words."

Tech is 15 min behind at this point.

This is the kind of play that, after you read it, you have an "ah-HA" moment seeing it staged. Three separate scenes ping-ponging back-n-forth (note - Jose has left the space and everyone's focus is back...hmmm...wonder if he is the ancient god of 14/48 Saturday Goofiness, bringing the loopiness in the wake wherever he roams throughout the building?)

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the beige one said...

I am dead to Marcy Rodenbornerbergerburg because I am intentionally getting her last name wrong. For the record.