Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Case of the Saturdays

If Fridays are generally marked with a "we're going to take over the world" vibe, Saturdays are more readily identifiable by a "look, we're taking over the damn world, okay, gimme a break" vibe.

The stakes remain high, but look, you're tired, you need to conserve your energy for the performances. Decisions are made quickly, but not hastily. You're focused, but will find yourself zoning for a second.

This is when you learn to trust your abilities and talents, when you reach for your reserves and bring it all to the fore: You have one more day of creating to conquer. Thankfully, you went through it yesterday, so you know what's required of you, make the smart choice, and go big or go home. Leave it on the boards.

John Q. Smith just walked through HQ/mess hall wearing pajamas which bear the face of Stewie from Family Guy. In his hand is a cigarette and an empty beer cup.

This image is a good representation of the building as a whole. We're getting the job done, you're gonna love it, we're just going to get there on our terms.

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