Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 8th, 2011: Bedtime Stories

Play #1: The Story of Us
Written by Patrick Scott
Directed by Erin Kraft

Jason Harber
Andrew Litzky
Amy Love
Shawn Law

Play #2: Third Time's the Charm
Written by Maria Glanz
Directed by Nicole Boyer Cochran

John Q Smith
Roy Stanton
Sara Mountjoy-Pepka

Play #3: Compromise
Written by Juliet Waller
Directed by K Brian Neel

Alex Garnett
Jason Sharp
Rob Jones
Ryan Higgins

Play #4: Cover Me
Written by Scot Auguston
Directed by Andy Jensen

Ashley Bagwell
James Weidman
Terri Weagant
Aly Bedford
Morgan Rowe

Play #5: The Olive Bed
Written by David Drummond
Directed by Jennifer Jasper

Mark Boeker
Kate Jeager
Marcie Rodenborn

Play #6: The Way It Was
Written by Brendan Healy
Directed by R. Hamilton Wright

Megan Ahiers
Joe McCarthy

Play #7: Coming to a Conclusion
Written by Scotto Moore
Directed by Alan Bryce

Chuck Leggett
Patrick Lennon
Daniel Christensen
Heather Gautschi
Llysa Holland

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