Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back In The Falls

So the virgins have been brought to the stage (we'll be bringing you their points of view on top of everything else), here's how they break out this weekend:

Three virgin writers, three virgin directors and . This crew includes, Terri Weagant, Maria Glanz, Justin Huertas, Heather Mullin, Daniel Christensen, and many many more.

Beyond them, it's a veritable powerhouse of a crew: Chuck Leggett, Rob Burgess, Jennifer Jasper, James Weidman, and dear god there's too many people, just trust us, this line up is ridiculous.

The ritual hazing has been described and begun, The Chosen One is bringing me a beer, and Belyea starts describing the rules and regulations.

Who will be the Mazen?


Paul Mullin said...

I love virgins.

I have my eye on one in particular.

the beige one said...

Really, Mullin? Using the blog to flirt with our wife?

Tina Rowley said...

Theme. Themey. Couple of us out here are home-schooling ourselves, so to speak. Gonna play along in the sweet, sweet comfort and isolation of our own homes.

I'm not waitin' on a la-dy. I'm just waitin' on a theme.

Paul Mullin said...

"our" wife?

Andy Joe said...

Yup. New ritual, Mullin.

Paul Mullin said...