Thursday, January 6, 2011

And We're Off!

The group has gathered, the keg's been tapped, the mingling has commenced, soon the Powerpoint presentation will begin.

14/48 Winter 2011 has begun!

Check in to this blog during the next couple of weekends, to make sure you get the latest scoop on the goings on behind the scenes of this madness, this spectacle, this gigantic froofraw we call 14/48.

Working on the blog this weekend will be Linda Lombardi, Laurie Rose, and Holly Arsenault. And then next weekend you get a slightly different crew (Laurie is crazy enough to have volunteered for both weekends, give it up for the crazy trooper).

More on all of that as we go along, Shawn Belyea just took the stage, and now we've truly begun.

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