Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What up, kids?

Hello! Erin here. Happy to be blogging about events and the goings on of 14/48, The World's Quickest Theater Festival! This journal will hopefully provide insight to those folks out there asking "But what is 14/48? What goes on over there?"

I will officially start tomorrow, January 3rd, with the Meet 'n Greet at CHAC, or The Capitol Hill Arts Center. The meeting will be attended by pretty much everyone involved in the 14/48 process, from actors to writers to the band to volunteer staff to the mamas and papas who created the weekend festival itself. Everyone gets the chance to meet and greet (hence, the Meet 'n Greet), sip off the complimentary keg and get amped up for the long days ahead.

No more on the Meet 'n Greet today, or I'll run out of things to say tomorrow...

I will be joined for the majority of this blogging time by the lovely Annette Auger, so we will be able to be bloggy twins and take pictures and annoy people twice as much.

Until Tomorrow...
Erin Stewart

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