Saturday, January 5, 2008

getting props

So.  Sitting with Erin Stewart.  

When James F and Jodi Paul approach...

James is on a mission to get a drum kit

from Wallingford.
He wants me to go. To help with directions. 

This means we will pick up the drums, 
but to transport them back to CHAC -- we will have to put the top down on his car -- to fit everything

It is cold.  It is windy.  It is raining.

but we need a drum kit.

and so we go, we grab, we scramble into the car

we cruise top down along i-5
we get looks

James puts a call in to Trick -- we will be at the theatre in 4min

we wait at lights. it rains. people stare. we blast music.

and when we arrive to the theatre we are greeted by Trick and a crew...

to swiftly grab drum. cymbals. snare. and stool.

All this for 1 show ...

I love 14/48


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