Friday, January 4, 2008

Before the show

Friends come to my house to have snacks and drinks before the show so, by the time we got to CHAC, my actors have dispursed and I can't find them all. I like to at least wish them luck so I roam around in back cruising for them. I see Llysa Holland covered in stage blood, Peter Dylan O'Connor in some kind of 70's outfit, Ramon Esquivel and Jose Amador each doing volunteer duties, I see the smokers. No, I do not join them but I do take a very deep breath as I pass them. I see Teri Lazarra in a funky cape, Erin Kraft pacing and running lines, Lisa Viertel at the box office, and I find all but one of my actors (Kate).

Aimee is in the bar with Eric Ray Anderson and she tells me the actors have memorized half the lines (not bad!) and she hopes I like what they've done. I tell her I'm sure I will. And I am sure I will.

This is that time that is weird for playwrights - right before the Friday show. Yes, this play is important - we care what happens - absolutely. But we also know we have to do it again tonight - and part of us is already there, writing the next one. So it doesn't surprise me when fellow playwrights Brian Neel, David Tucker, Scotto Moore, and S.P. Miskowski all mention to me that they're thinking about doing it again. We're all thinking about it.

Becky Hellyer - 14/48 writer

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