Sunday, January 13, 2008

Saturday Night Program

Another great show last night - pictures and video will be posted over the next couple days, so please check back.

Here was the lineup:


The Sky Girl
Written by Pattie Miles Van Beauzekom
Directed by Tina La Plant
Performed by
Mark Fullerton
David Goldstein
Mik Kuhlman
Buddy Mahoney

The Swine Maiden
Written by Marcy Rodenborn
Directed by Jerry Manning
Performed by
Trick Danneker
Jenny Sue Johnson
Aaron La Plante

Bit Of Paradise
Written by Ki Gottberg
Directed by Shawn Belyea
Performed by
Alex Samuels
John Q. Smith

Jesus Fridge 9000
Written by Chris Hadad
Directed by Jennifer Jasper
Performed by
John Bartley
Karen Jo Fairbrook
Jason Harber
Seanjohn Walsh

Pressure Treated
Written by Dawson Nichols
Directed by Erik Van Beauzekom
Performed by
Holly Arsenault
Annette Auger
Paul Ray
Jaime Roberts

Written by Kelleen Conway-Blanchard
Directed by Jose Amador
Performed by
Charles Leggett
Michelle Lewis
Jodi-Paul Wooster

Measure of Love
Written by Dennis Schebetta
Directed by Darian Lindle
Performed by
Megan Ahiers
Bret Fetzer
Amy Fleetwood
Erin Stewart
Imogen Love

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Daniel said...

Fantastic show Saturday night. I was hooked last year and it was even better this year. My favorite was probably the Swine Queen but I'm going back and forth. OK, enough gushing.

What happened to the space? It seems to me that it was 2 or 3 times larger last year.