Saturday, January 12, 2008

Friday Night Program

Here's a quick rundown of who and what happened at the Friday show - thoughts and comments coming soon in another blog post:

The Big Thing
Written by Ki Gottberg
Directed by John Kaufmann
Performed by
Trick Danneker
Seanjohn Walsh
Annette Auger
Jenny Sue Johnson

Deep and True
Written by Kelleen Conway-Blanchard
Directed by Erik Van Beauzekom
Performed by
Angela DiMarco
Erin Stewart
Mark Fullerton

Ride of the Drunken Stallion
Written by Chris Hadad
Directed by Jerry Manning
Performed by
Karen Jo Fairbrook
Aaron LaPlante

A Wayward Lover
Written by Pattie Miles Van Beauzekom
Directed by Shawn Belye
Performed by
Jodi-Paul Brown-Wooster
Paul Ray
Alyssa Keene
Jaime Robert
Holly Arsenault

Written by Dawson Nichols
Directed by Darian Lindle
Performed by
David Goldstein
Buddy Mahoney
Jason Harber
Keria McDonald

Don't Look Down
Written by Marcy Rodenborn
Directed by Jennifer Jasper
Performed by
Alex Samuels
Charles Leggett
Mik Kuhlman

Resurrecting the King
Written by Dennis Schebetta
Directed by Jose Amador
Performed by
John Bartley
Bret Fetzer
John Q. Smith
Amy Fletwood
Megan Ahiers

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S. P. Miskowski said...

Nice work, artists! It was a fine evening, with many funny moments and some somber ones. I was especially impressed by your willingness to go all the way there, telling each story as it needed to be told.