Saturday, January 5, 2008

Still Morning.

Go Kraft Services...

Preparation is happening.  There is a beautiful cheese plate. 
 And.  Alex Samuels is about to cut up some mad veggies.

mmm... delicious coffee.

designers talking. 

shows rehearsing scattered throughout the confusing layout of the CHAC.

weather = not happy times. blustery. wet. windy. seattle.  i am good with most of it, but the wind oh the wind. gr.

chit-chat about plays
here is the calm
here is the set-up
here is the testing of waters
here is the morning
the beginning.

e. stew and i are trying to find the best of ways to divide our attention

we will be working on 
some vids from last night
alex is currently being interviewed by e. stew
she just called him a volunteer... boo. erin a. samuels is on staff 

thanks for the food alex.

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