Friday, January 11, 2008

More Great Photos

More great photos of Thursday night and Friday day, this time from veteran 14/48 photographer Michelle Bates.

The world would be a better place if there were seven plays about...

The 14/48 Band, the hardest working artists in the building, write an original theme song for the show. In an afternoon.

Mazen Award winner Eric van Beauzekom pulls the theme...REUNIONS.

The playwrights learn of their role breakdown and performance slot.

Chris Hadad, writer of Ride of the Drunken Stallion, wishes for a taser cozy.

Erik Van Beauzekom directs Angela DiMarco, Erin Stewart, and Mark Fullerton, in Deep and True, written by Kelleen Conway-Blanchard.

Jennifer Jasper directs Chuck Leggett and Mik Kuhlman in Don't Look Down, written by Marcy Rodenborn.

Amy Fleetwood, John Bartley, and John Q. Smith rehearse Resurrecting the King, written by Dennis Schebetta.

John Kaufmann directs Jenny Sue Johnson and Seanjohn Walsh in The Big Thing, written by Ki Gottberg.

Seanjohn Walsh keeps his head warm and learns his fucking lines.

Anthony Winkler focuses a light and works on not falling off the ladder.

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