Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Afternoon

Rehearsals have been going on since 10. It is now 4:33. Annette and I have spent most of the time today trying to edit and upload our little movies on a sloooowwww connection. Hope to put them up at online coffee in the next hour. 

Yes. Rehearsals since 10, lunch at 1. Lunch is the time to learn lines, dash to value village or home to get costumes and maybe eat. Good spread, once again, with sandwiches and soup and homemade cookies. Mmm. People sit about, eating and talking and pouring over scripts. 
Some watch the Seahawks in the playoffs in some room in the back. There's lots of "yay" and "aw dang" in the room with the television. Everyone is half done.

After lunch it's going over and over what was learned in the morning. Calling line and using the props the crew has so thankfully dug up. (Seriously, some of the stuff props and costumes and set designers come up with is amazing. They have no time!) 
A directors meeting is at 3pm. No matter where you are in the process, if you are a director you must go to the meeting. This is where everything comes together. If you don't get to the meeting (well, first you are annoying and probably won't get invited back) but also your actors will be in the dark, the band will play over their lines and someone will inevitably trip and fall off the stage, landing on an audience member, knocking out their teeth and maybe an eye, thus ending 14/48.
So...go to the director's meeting.

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