Saturday, January 5, 2008

A little contest

I will give one u.s. dollar ($1) to the first person to comment this blog.

let us know how your experience was if you were in it, on it, around it, above it, thru it, near it.

erin stewart
14/48 blogger


jodipaul said...

I heart you bodacious ladies. Thank you so much for your hard work and finely tuned verbage.

theater simpleton said...

Hey -

I am loving the blog - I know what happens from MY perspective during the process, but the parallel journeys are VERY cool to hear about...

I have checked in several times today, in fact...

(a little less bloody than last night)

Andy Joe said...

I just freakin' love what you did. It really captures the vibe of a 14/48 weekend.

While some have not commented, many many many have looked... and admired.

Thank you thank you thank you.