Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sitting in.

10:19am  I am in the beginnings of a rehearsal. present: 4 men, 1 woman. director. writer. All sit around a table. There are cuts and rewrites to be made. Cut this, add that. Wait, what? "Damn that guy is seriously whacked" is cut. Get rid of it. ok ok ok. No more cuts, let's read.
Who will read what? We might switch it. Let's start with...

(reading, choices are made, laughter)

Ok, let's try it like...

(switch, reading, more choices made, laughter)

Great. Stick with that. So. That's pretty much that. Details are discussed about the world of the play in order to all be on the same page. The writer gives last minute clues into the characters and the story itself.

Enter Designers: Trick and Dante. They've read the script and talk details with the director. We need posters and magazines and a knife. Oh, here's your knife. Ok, we're good. Oh, we have that costume so you don't need to track that down. They leave.

10:38 read thru it again. 

10:50 writer leaves to sleep and wonder. Actors up on their feet for blocking. 

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