Saturday, January 5, 2008

What are we DOING. (the one with the schedule)

I will now type the TIMELINE of 14/48. (probably should have done this thursday night)

8:00pm  The ensemble assembles to choose a theme (randomly out of a hat) for Friday's performances
8:30pm  Writers randomly choose the number and gender of actors for whom they'll be writing
9:00pm  Writers disperse overnight to write one ten-minute play each on the chosen theme.

FRIDAY 1/4/08
9: am  Playwrights deliver plays. Directors pick on play each at random.
10 am  Actors are assigned to lays at random
1030 am  Ensembles are assigned a rehearsal room for the day. Rehearsals begin.
11 am Musicians and designers arrive and begin collaborating with the directors and with one another
1 pm LUNCH
330pm Tech rehearsals begin in the theater
8pm Performances of the seven plays begin
9:30 pm Saturday's theme is drawn at random from audience suggestions: playwrights return home to write a second ten-minute play on the new theme.
10:30pm Second (and final) performances begin of the first set of seven plays.


9:00 am The ENTIRE Saturday process repeats.
12:00 am The ensemble has succeeded in conceiving, writing, rehearsing, scoring, designing, and presenting 14 world premiere plays in 48 hours. All involved fall into well-deserved exhaustion-comas.

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