Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Very Capable 14/48 Band

The band is fucking AMAZING. They show up at 11am, and nine hours later they have a two-hour show scored and rehearsed. And then they throw in an original theme song just for fun.

How it breaks down is the directors each throw songs at them to intro (and sometimes outro) their plays, the band downloads the mp3 and the lyrics, they listen once, turn around, and make it happen. That means they could be learning somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 songs on any given night.

I was just sitting in on their rehearsal as they went through Pressure Drop, Hell, and Whole Lotta Love. They sounded good. And Becky Poole plays the saw. That's hot.


Andy Joe said...

Yes, the 14/48 band cannot be stopped. Not only music but any and all sound effects needed for the show.

JJ said...

One thing a lot of folks don't know about the 14/48 band is that each and every one of us prefers the leading brand.

Anonymous said...

And speaking of brands, our resident entrepreneur Michael Owcharuk will soon be releasing his new fragrance for men, "Chronique" at finer retailers near you.

Chronique, by Owcharuk.

From the makers of "Humboldt No. 5"

fairy said...

Didn't get to sleep with any of the band this year :(
.. was too far away, but kidnapped one of last year's band members, and the mojo is still working ;)