Saturday, January 5, 2008


erin is retooling some of our vid-blog
we are working with a slow internet connection which proves frustrating
i take a stroll.  
the band is rehearsing. sounding good.
the tech crew is on stage figuring out logistics.  i snap a few photos.  admire the shine of light on a stage floor.  the sheen. the scraps.  i love it.

moving on i tentatively open doors to try and find rehearsals in process.
i open one door look through double doors
and see Trick liaising
the director and Trick are talking about a folding table...
is this the one...
do you need it to fold...
well if it folds...
I move on up stairs and approach another closed door...
I slowly open the door to be met with 'Chair!'... which is blocking the door
warmly I am invited in the offending chair is moved
how is it going?
great, but this is the room that gets to hear the band. better than anyone.
band. band. band.
which is another beauty part of the festival -- the limited number of spaces to rehearse in...
there is nothing to be done
the spaces are what they are
and yet another obstacle to overcome
adding to the depth the challenge the... shall we say fun ... of the festival
some have a lot of traffic -- interruptions
others have noise noise noise
others have a distinct lack of space
and some are great...
all in the luck of the draw....

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