Friday, January 4, 2008

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sad. face. sad. 

no internet for annette n erin.

hello ms word...


Okay here we are last moments last minutes. Last words.






Coming in post work.  I strolled in at a clean 6:30pm.  I stood.  I held a bag I sipped some coffee.


I got a beer.  I tipped.


People were sitting.  Eating Milling.  Trick looked confused.


Currently.  I sit I watch.


And there is an intense conversation about blood.


Where is the blood? Have you seen the blood?


Ask Trick.  Trick asked me to ask you.


Nope no blood. 


Trick comes by “Have I asked you about the blood?”


Nope no blood.


Ah… blood…



Annette and I are sitting, feeling a bit weird eating the food provided for the actual 14/48 participants, but 

not so bad because it’s all cold and a few hours old.

So either this is going to be a very STRESSFUL next 2 hours or an AMAZING next 2 hours.  The band sounds good from down in the lower space of CHAC. That’s always an exciting thing to see – the music. The BAND. They go off in their own land and learn how to perform toge

ther as a group, which I suppose actors do too, but it’s just different with music. I want “Let’s Get Retarded” to cut out from the speakers and the band to begin.

 And now, we’re up in our perch, the weird balcony thing that you sit up in to watch the show when you’re not performing. Still, the internet does not work. The room is quite full for tonight’s show. It’s 8:01. Everyone involved seems to be pretty relaxed and not running around like…well, like someone who just put up a play in 24 hours. Less than, really.

8:06pm.  Ah. Lights flash. Woos are wooed.  The perch is crammed and a bit scary. No turning back now. Directors, you’ve had 10 hours and now there’s nothing you can do. Actors, got those lines? Writers…oh writers…

 The 14/48 Band has started to rock.  Here comes some Ancient Wisdom.

 9:00pm  Intermission.  4 down, 3 to go. Most of the  audience gets up to get a drink and pee. Actors who just performed breathe a sigh of relief and talk about what to do differently at the 10:30 show. Writers either are very satisfied or hide in a corner.



Music plays Erin goes to grab a program I dance in place.

Ah! A List Of Who's Involved:

ACT 1 

A Farewell Toast

written by Brendan Healy

Directed by Andy Jensen

Actors: Teri Lazzara, Peter Dylan O'Connor, Nellis, Shawn Law


written by Scotto Moore

directed by: meghan Arnette

Actors: Juniper Berolziheimer, Tom Jones, Jon Lutyens, Nick DeSantis

Mom's Carpet

written by David Tucker

directed by: Anthony Winkler

actors: Kate Jaeger, Llysa Holland

If You Go Into the Woods Today

written by: S.P. Miskowski

directed by: Mark Jared Zufelt

actors: Audrey Bates, Michael Katt, John Bianchi, Michael Patten, Nick Perleros



written by Becky Hellyer

directed by: Aimee Bruneau

actors: Khan Doan, Kate Parker, J.D. Lloyd, Cory Herndon

Look of Love

written by: Brian Neel, Paul Shipp

directed by: Alan Bryce

actors: Morgan Rowe, Erin Kraft, James Wiedman

You Know What They Say

written by: Rachel Atkins

directed by: Kibby MacKinnon

actors: Susanna Wilson, Troy Fischnaller, Galen Joseph Osier, Don Darryl Rivera, Chris Bell.


Jen Moon has SARS --- just read her shirt-


From a distance.


People Mill.  Bathroom Lines are long – the women have camaraderie in waiting, checking for feet.  Laughter.


Good crowd good sprits.


Second half posed ready to begin.  I saw a little face painting happening – curious about that action.


Playing some booty-tastic music.  I approve.  Bass beats are nice to pump a crowd. Serious.

I just scored a beer.


Thanks Erin…


Still typing into MS Word due to complications with Inter Web Access


Much sadness.


But on a positive note it checks my atrocious spelling.


First half went well – some well timed laughs – some solid acting – great band atmosphere action


The plays linked nicely together


Which is one thing that I for one am always curious about. How the writers take the suggestion. The theme.  How they deal with it.  If they stray - if they want to stray.  If straying looks too purposefully strayed.  If staying too close looks too close


UPDATE – apparently the prop cock used and thrown into the audience ended in the lap of young Zoey Belyea – sorry Shawn.



9:53 first performance ends. BREATHE. Curtain call. The topic is picked for tomorrow’s show “A REASON TO BELIEVE”.


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