Saturday, January 12, 2008

Even More Friday Photos

Virgin photographer (and all around swell guy) David Baum provided these photos from Friday day.

Actor Bret Fetzer and director Jose Amador rehearse Resurrecting the King by Dennis Schebetta.

Any ideas on where to find a severed head at ten in the morning?

Kerri Brown-Wooster gasps at the size of Peter Dylan O'Conner's ice cream cone. They just don't come that big in England.

Darian Lindie directs David Goldstein, Buddy Mahoney, Jason Harber, and Keria McDonald in Parachute, written by Dawson Nichols.

Director Jerry Manning directs Ride of the Drunken Stallion by Chris Hadad.

Urinals in 30 minutes.

Mazen Award winner Eric Van Beauzekom.

Chrystian Sheppard, keeping the lights on.

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