Saturday, January 5, 2008

First Thing in the Morning.

9:05 am. Again, the internet has failed.


 Seven plays were written last ANTHONY WINKLER JUST WALKED IN LATE night, and the writers look tired but relieved. They’ve written two ten-minute plays in the last…36 hours.  There’s lots of “who’d you get” and “tell me what you’re thinking for this part” and “is it too early for a beer?” Everyone is in deep thought in the CHAC lounge, trying to stay away from the open door that’s letting in extremely cold air. Why is it that when you’ve had no sleep and you’re delirious and it’s early in the morning does it always have to be so cold? Someone should shut that door. Oh. I could shut that door. I’ll just move.

 “I’m not sure how to do it, either.” Says a director.

 “I’m not married to the two.” Says a writer.

 There’s quite a bit of silence between pairs scattered around the room, as well.

 Ooh, look there’s coffee.


 So the plays are brought in by the writers at 9:00 after having received their topic and assigned number of characters the night before, around 10pm. They bring in their new plays with the theme "A Reason to Believe"  to receive a director. The works are put into manilla envelopes and fanned out to the candidates and chosen blindly. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. ALEX JUST HIT MEGHAN WITH A COOLER (NOT DUE TO A PLAY).

 There’s food again. Yesssssss. Donuts and fruit and oatmeal. Cofffeeeeee.

 Writers not presently hooking up with directors are hooking up with designers, who are reading all the scripts too and finding out with they are to create for the day.  There is excitement, but for the most part lots of “well, maybe we can fly to Mexico and be back with the authentic lake water from a remote village and be back by tech…?” I think I’ll talk with a designer today and get the skinny on their situation.

 “You might want to find another option?” says a designer.

“HaHaHaHaHaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha.” says a writer.

“Ok…how much do you NEED a special?” says a lighting designer.

“Can I sit here?” I am asked by Don, the first actor to arrive. We huddle together by the cold door, having not moved, away from the hubbub, and observe. And drink coffee.

 There is an outburst of laughter. Andy Jensen, a director, is pleased.

 Oh hi, Meghan Arnette! Good to see you too.


“I got up this morning and I was all ‘I need some tea’ and I opened the freezer and stood there a while. Then I was like, ‘This isn’t where I need to go!”

 She mimes closing the freezer and doesn’t mime flashing me her boobs before she scampers off to the bathroom. Thanks, Meghan.

 Don asks Troy how his nards are from last night’s show. Troy says they’re swollen and now the right size.


9:42 am  More artists trickle in. Band members, actors, late people. Getting ready for the 10:00 meeting. Actors discuss last night’s show and compare bruises.

 *There is a feeling in the room right now that needs a lot of words to describe it. I’ll try, but it’s hard to know it if you’ve never been a part of the process. I really don’t want to sound like an elitist when I say that. But it is a unique experience. The feeling is carefree, in a way, even though there’s a lot to be done. Happy. Excited. Everyone is glad to be where they are, no matter how tired. It’s a good tired. I suppose the way to describe it is like camp. We’re all kids at camp. Just having a good time. (But there’s no relay race to prove your love) Very positive. Everyone wants to succeed and wants you to succeed.

 Internet is working, and everyone is here for the 10:00 meeting. It’s gonna be a good day.



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