Thursday, January 3, 2008

the outside looking in

Don't get me wrong - I know I'm an important part of this festival. I do stuff. BUT! It simply fucking feels weird to be at the Thursday kick-off meeting when you know you won't be around this weekend the way that everyone else will be AROUND. It's not the same. They're all gathering their wits & energy for the long haul of what almost always is a gloriously brutal weekend. Me? I'll show up in the evenings and do some important stuff that needs doing. BUT! It's not the same. The festival is its own time zone. Time warp, maybe. And it starts with Thursday night. You can feel folks digging in for the theatre siege. I know; I've done it.

Living in that alternate reality bubble for just about 54 hours is part I miss the most when I don't do the festival.

Have fun, my cupcakes! My important stuff exists to support your far more important stuff!

-Peggy G.

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