Sunday, January 6, 2008

First Weekend, CHECK!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the festival as artist, audience, volunteer or CHAC Staff. Special thanks to our first EVER 14/48 bloggers Annette Auger, Erin Stewart and Becky Hellyer. Becky not only wrote two plays last weekend (the hand cream monologue on Saturday Night was stupendous!) but she also found time and consciousness to blog. Annette and Erin created the tremendous video and pictures you see below. Thank you thank you, THANK YOU!

As we say goodbye to January 4 & 5, feel free to post key phrases from the first weekend in the comment section that you want to ensure that others will remember and should hold dear to them. "Nards" and "skull fuck" may be referenced as often as you like. Thanks, Troy.


luler on the fly said...

"The blow job offer still stands."

Oh yes it does.

Andy Joe said...

Khanh Doan's Vietnamese accent as the Tooth Fairy on Saturday night.