Friday, August 10, 2012

Your 14/48 Casts!

Jodi-Paul greets the eager 14/48 cast members and after a general "How's everyone feeling?" remarks, "This is a fucking cake walk.. the easiest 14/48 ever!" Laughter and light venom follow, as you'd expect. But quickly and efficiently everyone drew their casts and they all seem thrilled.. as are we!

James Weidman draws his cast. 
Play #1: Directed by Cole Hornaday includes Justin Alley, Bret Fetzer (Mazen) and Patty Miles

Play #2: Directed by Roy Stanton includes Jamie Roberts and Mik Kuhlman

Play #3: Directed by Ahren Buhmann includes Corey McDaniel, Nik Doner, Anthony Winkler.

Play #4: Directed by James Weidman includes Basil Harris, Peter Dylan O'Conner, Jonah Van Spreecken and Erik Van Beauzekom

Play #5: Directed by Doug Willott includes Erin Kraft, Evan Whitfield and Jose Amador

Play #6: Directed by Nik Perleros includes Carl Sander and Julia Griffin

Play #7: Directed by Hana Lass includes John Farrage, Brandon Felker, Trick Danneker and Dave Clapper

And we're off!

Doug Willott points to one of his actors definitively.


theater simpleton said...

Who wrote each play, Miss TheaterThing?

Snacktower said...

Covered in the last post, I believe.

Megan Ahiers said...

Hahaha! ONE Acting Virgin and she got the two person play!

Go get 'em Julia!

Miss Devylish said...

Snacktower: Thanks!
Megan: I thought the same thing!