Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday's 8pm Act 2!

Everyone's got fresh drinks and empty bladders. Let's do this!

Act 2!

The band begins with I Think You Ain't From Around Here featuring Ms. Alyssa Keene who kills it. I'm pretty sure that's one of the original songs they wrote today.

Play #5 The Legitimate Fear, written by Ben McFadden
Directed by Allison Strickland
Cast: Corey McDaniel, Anthony Winkler and Erin Kraft

A couple on a road trip argues over whether they should stop and ask for directions when they run out of gas and meet a one-armed stranger. The car looks fantastic. Corey is decidedly creepy and awesome.

(There's a couple next to Nik Perleros and I who decided that a play fest is where they should have a very important talk. During the show. Sigh.)

Play #6 Bait, written by Charles Smith
Directed by Hana Lass
Cast: Mik Kuhlman and Jamie Roberts

A tipsy penguin flirts with disaster when meeting an eskimo on the hunt. Mik and Jamie are pretty dreamy. Took me forever to figure out what Jamie was though. But I'm feeling slow tonight.

The band transitions with the theme from Sesame Street. Cute.

Play #7 The New Kid, written by Mark Fullerton
Directed by Nik Perleros
Cast: Evan Whitfield, Trick Danneker, Basil Harris and Carl Sander

Three local kids attempt to bully the new kid from New York into passing a test in order to be part of their gang. Everyone is funny. That's all there is to it. 

Wow.. that's opening night right there! Only one more show! Let's hope you'll be here!

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