Friday, August 10, 2012

Things I Missed In the 8pm Show

1. Bret Fetzer's shorts are amazing. Short, green, 80's. Rad.

2. Maybe it's due to the 10:30 audience, but show #1 is way more a dark comedy than I first thought originally.

3. The phone Bret uses is a rotary. I love it.

4. Tim Moore's face when they sing You Can Call Me Al is classic.

5. Mik Kuhlmann does this amazing acrobatic trick with her feet in order to get a drink of water.

6. Kazoos don't get any less awesome the second time around. No, no, they do not.

7. Neither do the many faces Nik Doner makes.

8. Bike shorts shouldn't be worn by anyone. Even Basil Harris.

9. Or fanny packs.

10. But orange head bands? Absolutely.

11. I'd never want to be in a dark alley with Peter Dylan O'Connor and Erik Van Beuzekom.

12. Any band with Tim Moore and Alyssa Keene in it is a band I want to hear.

13. Second best line of the night, "You kill a praying mantis, that's a federal offense."

14. Show #5 is practically made for trying to crack the actors. Jose is the next victim.

15. That Vermont line? Never any less funny.

16. Third best line, "Nope. It's crack."

17. Cloven hoof-type gloves are strange. What the hell are those anyway?

That's the end of Friday night! I think everyone did a smashing job. The boyfriend loved it as I know did both audiences. As promised, it didn't suck.

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