Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday's 8pm Show - Act 1!

The band waltzes in taking pictures of themselves, wearing bright and tropical outfits and I realize they're playing tourist. They introduce Jodi-Paul, who's looking dapper in a white suit and blue pocket square and snazzy blue shoes, with People Are Strange.

"We really upped the ante on this one," he says. "We've torn down the roles this time. We're all the writers, all the directors, the designers, the band. WE ARE ALL KAMIKAZE!"

Whoo hoo! Act 1!

Play #1 You'll Do, written by David Anthony Lewis
Directed by Ahren Buhmann
Cast: Jonah Von Spreecken, Jose Amador and John Farrage

A museum attendee ends up in a zombie movie by accident. Jonah has a fantastic accent and plays a jackass well, especially when he condescends to Lou while doing her cameo.

The band transitions with The Cranberries' Zombie. And in walks a very large pink cat.

Play #2 Once Upon A Time in the Litter Box, written by Teri Lazzara
Directed by Roy Stanton
Cast: Brandon Felker and Dave Clapper

Charles Bronson's cat, Boots, makes some demands of him while wearing a magic hat. Brandon kills as Charles Bronson and Dave Clapper is clearly a cat-person. I think the bear rug should be listed as its own character though and possibly Dave's furry, pink costume. Special awards should go to the run crew for helping out Boots on the attack. You know who you are.

Band transitions out with a kazoo song and then blends that into Dead Or Alive by Bon Jovi. I feel a western theme coming on.

Play #3 Clown Lounge, written by Pamala Mijatov
Directed by Cole Hornaday
Cast: Nik Doner, Bret Fetzer and Justin Alley

A naive physical theater artist rolls into town to interview for a rodeo clown position and is really out of his element.

Make up and costume are fantastic. I feel a little proud. I see three of my four costume pieces I brought in. Bret and Justin are great as knowledgeable old-hat clowns who've been around the circuit. Nik is darling when he plays innocent. Now we know he's a good actor.

The band transitions with a twangy version of Send In The Clowns that's ever so sweet. David Anthony sings a line from an old Irish song to intro play #4.

Play #4 Always At Your Back, written by Jon Lutyens
Directed by Douglas Willott
Cast: Patty Miles, Julia Griffin, Peter Dylan O'Connor and Erik Van Beuzekom

An Irish wife is tired of fish every day and complains to her husband when a newly-married couple arrive unexpectedly to get out of the storm. They have no idea that their hosts' hospitality has an ulterior motive. Lots of fake blood, Irish lilts, and weapons! Yay!

The band ends the first act with a lively Irish-y tune they wrote themselves. Woot! That's act 1!

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