Friday, August 10, 2012

Act 2!

The band introduces the beginning of act two with Love of the Game featuring the kick ass voice of Alyssa Keene and the divine harmonica magic of Tim Moore. Groovy.

Play #5 Do You Remember, by Teri Lazzara
Directed by Doug Willott
Cast:  Erin Kraft, Evan Whitfield and Jose Amador

Two kids reminisce about memories of their father. I think it's safe to say that Evan steals this one. It's rather enjoyable knowing he had a teeny tiny hard time keeping a straight face during tech. Winner of the best line of the night: "Vermont is for assholes!" said in unison and possibly, best song only because  of Evan's spastic gymnastics (Ooh! I rhymed!). Sure the show's a little racist.. but it's innocent.

Oooh.. Evan did lose it a little.. twice even. The audience is eating it up. Heh, that's three times..

And Teri was worried. Please. That was great.

Band: Polka version of Everybody's Kung Fu Fighting. Adorbs.

Play #6 The One-Second Rule, by Ben McFadden
Directed by Nik Perleros
Cast: Carl Sander and Julia Griffin

A role-playing game in the woods reveals a moment of real connection between two strangers. Whomever put Julia's costume together is seriously happy with how great she looks in it. I want that wig. Plenty of nerd-speak. Nice Ben.

Band: Vocal version of the theme from Game of Thrones to transition and the audience who watches that show really appreciates it.

Play #7 Precipice, by David Anthony Lewis
Directed by Hana Lass

Cast: John Farrage, Brandon Felker, Trick Danneker and Dave Clapper

A four-some of strangers meet to base jump in Norway, each for their own reasons. And for the second 14/48 in a row, Dave Clapper drops trou. The audience is shocked and supportive at the same time. I'm thinking now maybe this is his own suggestion during the rehearsal process. It ends on a high note. 

Band plays Freefalling.. Of course! Yay! Curtain call!

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