Saturday, August 11, 2012

1 Minute To Curtain!

It's a sold out 8pm show again! Not surprising. And due to being a little more run down than yesterday, as everyone is, I didn't get to check out tech too much. I know everyone moved through the day a bit smoother than yesterday, even if they were dragging. Some of the crew just started today and they look fresh-faced and eager. I'm sure those transitions tonight will be seamless.

Tonight's audience is again similar to last night's 8pm. Less theater folks and more enthusiasts. Certainly fans, but mellower than the 10:30pm show is sure to be. That audience will primarily be friends and peers of the 14/48 artists and everyone else who'll stay and finish the keg with us at the after-party. In other words, they'll be a lot more rambunctious and probably drunker a lot earlier. Nothing wrong with either crowd. Each will leave happy. So will we!

We're just a few minutes away! Last Kamikaze opening night! Break legs everyone!

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