Friday, August 10, 2012

Putting It All Together

Samie Detzer is working out costumes with Cole Hornaday for Bret Fetzer's character in play #1. He's looking very sporty and they're working out t-shirt ideas. He denies he's sporty in real life. I disagree. His handlebar mustache goes with everything! He's very.. [I run out of adjectives and Justin Alley interjects and says I should make a Spice Girls joke].. yes! Spice Girls. What Spice Girl would Bret be? The ones I'm thinking of seem too obvious. Someone ask Tracy, his fiancée, and get back to me.

The cast runs through the play and it's a toss up for me when Bret uses more hand gestures - while in character or as he has to work through trying to memorize a difficult portion of lines. Again we could probably ask Tracy, but the man is damn entertaining to watch either way.

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Anonymous said...

What kinda Spice Girl *would* he be...?? D: deep in thought, Laure