Thursday, August 9, 2012

The 14/48 Kamikaze Roster

Ok so apparently THIS is what people were waiting for. Who knew?

SIX out of seven WRITERS are VIRGINS. SIX out of seven DIRECTORS are VIRGINS!

The band? Looks awesome. The actors? Pfft.. no problem, mostly veterans. Designers? Look crazy capable.

Here's your list biatches.. Keep your pants on. I'm only on my second party cup of wine and apparently the ONLY blogger. Holy hell.

(As it happened - LIVE! Dude.. I'm so much better than NBC.)

HOLY CRAP! FINALLY! THE DRAW! And they have to do pull out the discipline themselves from the Cone of Destiny. NOW, it's real.

Megan adds that one of the disciplines is "Stripper.. you know, for intermission."

First row goes first! So this isn't in any order that makes sense!

Erin Kraft - Veteran actor!
Nik Perleros - Veteran director!
Peter Dylan O'Connor - Veteran Actor!

PHEW! Back row!

Shane Regan - Virgin rockstar! Yes! In the band!
Paul Mullin - Virgin designer! Nice!

Second row!

Trick Danneker - Veteran actor!
Basil Harris - Veteran actor!
Hana Lass - Virgin director! Wow!
Opal Peachy - Virgin designer! Nice!
Roy Stanton - Virgin director!
Susanah Burney - Virgin rockstar! [She looks shocked and excited!]

3rd row!

Scotto Moore - Virgin designer!
Dave Clapper - Veteran actor!
Mark Fullerton - Whoo hoo! Virgin writer!

Ok, who cares which row..

Doug Willott - Virgin director!
Nik Doner - Veteran actor!
John Farrage - Veteran actor!
Carl Sander - Veteran actor!
Charles Smith - Virgin writer! TWO down!
Ben McFadden - Veteran writer! That's THREE!
David-Anthony Lewis - [Holy crap you should see his face!] Virgin WRITER! That's FOUR!!
Allison Strickland - Virgin director!
Jon Lutyens - Virgin WRITER! GODDAMN!
Bret Fetzer - Veteran actor!
Mik Kuhlman - Veteran actor!
Patty Miles Van Beuzekom - Veteran actor!
Erik Van Beuzekom - Veteran actor!
Teri Lazzara - VIRGIN WRITER!! GAH! SIX!
Jamie Roberts - Veteran actor!
Cole Hornaday -  Virgin director!
Pamala Mijatov - VIRGIN WRITER! - And that's seven!
Anthony Winkler - Veteran actor!
Jonah Van Spreecken - Veteran actor!
Justin Alley - Veteran actor!
Matthew Middleton - Virgin rockstar! Woot!
Julia Griffin - Virgin actor! Rad!
Corey McDaniel - Veteran actor!
Samie Detzer - Virgin designer!
Ahren Buhmann - Virgin director!
Evan Whitfield - Veteran actor!
Brandon Felker - Veteran actor!
Jose Amador - Veteran actor!
Alyssa Keene - Veteran rockstar! [According to Megan, she can play the washboard. Um.. yes!]

There you go Andy, Ashley and Laure! Now the magic happens! Woot!


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for a late night blog post from T-Lazz!!

Kate said...

Watching the blog tenaciously from London! Go virgin writers, Go!

Guilmet said...

This is the 14/48 we've always dreamed of. Will be watching from a distance, stewing in a pungent broth of envy.

Teri Lazzara said...

Oh - sorry I did not see this request for a late night post until now. It feels like it's still late night. Still crying over here with fear. Scarier than my first colonoscopy on Monday and I'm pretty sure more fun - except for the drugs. Should I look at my play again now that I've slept a couple of hours? Nah.

Anonymous said...

You are wonderful, Angel! Graciasssss. xoxoxoxo and some red red wine, Laure

Susanna Burney said...

Terri Lazz wrote two of the best pieces of the weekend. Pure meow T Lazz, with some of the most memorable theatrical moments of my life! So grateful I got to see and watch from the sidelines (well, the band). xox susanna b.