Sunday, August 12, 2012

Closing Night Energy! Or Things I Didn't Notice At The 8pm Show

As promised, the 10:30 show is energetic and um.. drunk. Hey, I call 'em like I see 'em people. Everyone here understands opening night and closing night energy. The cheers almost tear the roof off and even the band is louder.

New things to mention:

1. Already Jonah, from play #1, is ad-libbing a little extra. "You're a Green Stage fan? Sit down."

2. I missed Jose's line, "And then I heard a lot of swearing and I thought, 'That's weird for a museum.'"

3. John Farrage is adorable. That is all.

4. And the ad-libbing by Jonah continues, "A little t. Not an x like in the stupid theater." Big laugh.

5. Jose is a fantastic first-time up-and-coming actor. Oh hell yeah.

6. I'm in love with Dave Clapper's pink kitty.

7. I'm also in love with Teri Lazzara.

8. Charles Bronson probably doesn't laugh like that, but I really wish he did.

9. Laser pointers are never not funny ever.

10. Best lines: "Tickle, tickle," and "Bad kitty."

11. Props to both Dave Clapper and Brandon Felker for the extra lines they added and staying in character for that one.. damn.

12. You can tell the Cornish kids in the audience when Nik begins his actor's exercises and only a certain section of the audience laughs.

13. Did I mention Bret's dress? It's amazing.

14. I think that's a real f'ing fish they're using in play #4.

15. I love Erik's stump where his hand should be.

16. I'm not sure what happened. I think the lights went on a little soon, but that girl has a lot of cues. So Ron drags off Peter Dylan O'Connor and Patty Miles as if they were just part of the set. Yay Ron!

17. If anyone cares, my boyfriend's vintage tie matches his socks. You probably don't, but I do.

18. Shane Regan changed into a skeleton costume for Act 2 (with a peek-a-boo portion in the back..ooh sexy!).

19. If you don't know how much ass Alyssa Keene kicks, you should. It's a lot. Just saying.

20. Meaghan Darling has the best snort.

That's it! It's finally here - after-party time! Goddamn I'm so tired. Night all!

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