Friday, August 10, 2012

Director's Meeting! Holy Crap It's 3pm!

This means tech starts in 30 minutes. Jesus, the day has moved fast.

Jason Harber starts the meeting and explains how he has also been wearing a few extra hats today so he has limited knowledge of the shows right now. The objective is to get an idea of everyone's set needs, how to transition from show to show and answer any light questions with Tess Malone. 

Play #1 through #3 go quickly. Other than there could be checkers on the floor after show #3 and a little water possibly on stage from show #2. Show #4 needs a crew person to draw a chalk line and take it out at intermission. Already at Act 2! Some discussion goes long about a lamp practical for show #5, show #6 has no furniture. Nik draws where he'd like the sword (!) pre-set and then attempts to show the blocking of the fighting that will transpire, which ends up looking like something one of Jodi-Paul's children would draw.

Show #7 is good. And done!

They're also going to remove the front row and leave it as a pit. I haven't seen this before and am super excited how they're fitting everyone in.

Good meeting! Um.. tech is in less than 15 minutes!


Dante said...

Huh- Nik did a similar drawing of blocking for me in January

Miss Devylish said...

Dante: Of course he did. Maybe he takes lessons from Jodi-Paul's kids.

Anonymous said...

That drawing. Love. -Laure