Friday, August 10, 2012

In Process

Visiting the rehearsals, people are feverishly working through their blocking and dialogue. I'm currently listening in to Ahren Buhmann's gentleman cast. I love watching everyone work, find their moments, motivation and humor in the pieces. Corey McDaniel keeps reminding me, "No pictures, please," in his best diva impression and everyone asks how I'm doing so far. Running low on laptop battery. That's how.

Hana's show is also a man-fest (there's only five women in the actor pool this time). There's a lot of yelling and cursing, only as part of the play though. For an actor turned first-time director, she seems awfully cool and comfortable.

There's no time wasted. Everyone is moving and focused.

In Doug Willott's room, Evan Whitfield comes over and hands me my "blogger stipend" immediately. It's ten cents....... They're working on Teri Lazzara's play (which she was proud to say in a 2am Facebook post that it was completely meow-free - one of her signature sign-offs). Someone is being called a "shit-pants" and there's mention of a preying mantis and possibly a disco light. Of course there is.

Dude.. lunch is in 30 minutes! I can't believe how fast this day is going!

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Anonymous said...

This is very exciting to read about! Thanks for blogging it!

Becky Bruhn