Friday, August 10, 2012

Writers, Directors, Designers - Oh My!

Writers and directors have officially paired up to go through the scripts before the actors arrive. Bagels and coffee in hands, the writers seem a little sleepy, but mostly anxious about the product they've put forth.. well, other than Ben McFadden who's done this before.

Here's the list:

Play #1: A Beautiful Thing, written by Mark Fullerton, directed by Cole Hornaday and a cast of two men and one woman.

Play #2: But None For Courtesy, written by Jon Lutyens, directed by Roy Stanton and a cast of two women (and apparently, three elephants).

Play #3: Smile When You Say That, written by Charles Smith, directed by Ahren Buhmann and a cast of three men.

Play #4: Kick It, written by Pamala Mijatov, directed by (as the 14/48 gods would have it) James Weidman (who's standing in for Allison Strickland today while she stage manages.) and a cast of four men.

Play #5: Do You Remember?, written by Teri Lazzara, directed by Doug Willott and a cast of two men and one woman.

Play #6: The One-Second Rule, written by Ben McFadden, directed by Nik Perleros and a cast of one man and one woman.

Play #7: Precipice, written by David-Anthony Lewis, directed by Hana Lass and a cast of four men.

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